Changing my mood

Yesterday afternoon I started to feel irritated, for various reasons.  I began to micromanage my son as he did his assigned chore, demanding that he re-do it three times until I considered it “perfect.”  Already ornery, I walked upstairs and learned that my daughter had not begun her math assignment–which meant I soundly berated her for wasting her time.  Annoyed at the smaller children for having made a mess in the master bedroom, I refused to help when they asked for my assistance.  I could feel my anger growing and knew that this bad mood was threatening to suffocate the life out of my afternoon.

Thankfully, I did something about it!  Remembering the little I’ve read about cognitive behavioral processes, I decided to try to consciously alter my mood.  The strategy I chose for myself was: “Do something productive!” (Which perfectionist doesn’t love that?!).  I headed straight for my den, looking for a “project.”  I saw one waiting for me when I got there: a newspaper article I had been intending to scan and email to my family.  I set to work, accomplished my little feat, and was almost instantly in a better mood!  I apologized to my kids at dinner for having been such a jerk, and then gave them some personal time with me before bed.

Three cheers for mood management!

Thankfully, I get angry at my kids much less often than I used to.  I’ll post the story of  “why that is” soon.

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