On dissuading others

The phenomenon of trying to dissuade someone from their current beliefs is a fascinating one. What inspires such behavior? For the LDS faithful, it is a heart-felt desire to share what they believe is the world’s most important message (the Restoration) so that others can come to enjoy the blessings of the gospel in their lives now and eternal relationships with their family members in the next. For those who have left the LDS faith, it is often a heart-felt desire to share what they’ve learned about the dubious foundations of the church so that members can come to enjoy the blessings of independent thought and spiritual exploration rather than fear-filled conformity to whatever the apostles and prophets teach (evidenced by members “putting on the shelf” any doubts/concerns which church dogmas or practices inspire). Many who have lost their testimonies of the church feel judged by devout members (“You’ve lost the Spirit”– “You’ve failed the test of faith”– “You wanted to sin”– “You’re listening to Satan”–etc.) and would do about anything to convince their family members that the church should be the one on trial, not the whistleblowers. “Live and let live” is one possible mantra for life. “Share what you learn” is another. Which philosophy you choose to follow is often determined by your level of “passion” for improving the world and promoting your definition/understanding of “truth.”  I, for one, am very passionate.

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