My musings (quoth Shaunalei!)

“You only need a savior if you believe in a bloodthirsty god.” –sba 11/11/14


“In the doing comes the becoming.”–sba

[For example: I don’t have to perfectly understand my parenting role before changing.  I can apply the peacemaker pattern: 1) pray (there are many ways to pray–laying on of hands, with loving thoughts, energy, breathing, smiles, etc.); 2) listen (let my heart be broken as I hear how I’ve hurt them.  (ouch)); 3) sacrifice (“Could I do that for him?  for her?” . . . I’ll find that, Yes, I can!)]–sba


“Dare to care!”–sba


“Jesus exemplified principles . . . praise the principles whether or not he is the Prince of Peace.”–sba, 4/12/09


“Replace, ‘I hate ____’ with ‘I enjoy the results of __________.'” –sba, 11/22/09


“Boredom is beneficial to the brain.  It leads to a breaking point; it’s crucial to action; it breaks the bands of received wisdom; it’s a period of incubation; it’s a brief breath to introspect–what is working? what is not?; it’s bearable–a time to just ‘be’ and ‘breathe.'”


“What am I going to do with the information I’ve received?” –sba, 12/26/09


“There are varying sources of stress: the stress from wanting to impress, the stress of being a dissenting voice . . . “[to be continued] –sba


“The happy moment of truth.” –sba


“Peace comes of powerful unity.  We must P.U.R.G.E. our hearts to experience our humanity: Powerful Unity Reveals God’s Energy.” –sba


“Actively noticing one’s pleasure is a worthy pursuit.” –sba


“A friend is someone who:
listens when you need to talk,
has taken the time to get to know you,
celebrates all the good that’s in you and
blesses the day your paths met,
loves you enough to speak the truth if you’re living below your ideal,
goes the distance as your cheerleader–
because he or she believes you are worth it.” –sba


“Isn’t it wonderful how a mountain doesn’t have to be a sunset to be beautified by facing the sunset?” –sba, 1/1/18


“Is bipolarity born of black and white thinking?” –sba, 6/22/17


“I’ve got things to do before I’m through!” –sba, 10/4/16


The Pacifist’s Prayer (to the Universe) –sba, 10/4/16

“Our Universe, which doth encompass us,
May we respect they reign.
Thy birth has come; thy doings done
in earth as they are in space.
Grant us new days and food to eat.
And give us what we lack, as we do share with others.
And guide us from our testiness,
please deliver us from violence.
For Love is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory forever.


“Let me entersuade you!” –sba, 10/4/16


“To have found someone to whom you would gladly commit yourself is romantic;
To have become a person to whom that someone would gladly commit is divine.” –sba, 8/30/16


“I am a miracle, and so are you.  We are each empirically unrepeatable . . . ” –sba


“Overwhelm weakens the will!” –sba, 2/7/16


“Peace begins by naming one’s fears, not by ignoring their existence. It is in getting to know our fears–and visualizing ourselves surviving their fulfillment–that we become empowered. Believing we can survive hard things allows us to proceed with intention rather than shrink in passivity. Passivity does not produce peace.” –sba, 12/21/15


“If people hurt you, it is because they are hurting.” –sba, 11/10/15


“I’m a philosopher: I love thinking about things, seeking wisdom, and experimenting with the art of living.”   [an alternative to the title “atheist”]–sba, 6/23/15


“What has life taught you, that no person taught you?” –sba, 6/23/15


“Who in your life encourages you to love yourself? Not those who fear [you will make] mistakes.”–sba, 1/10/15