Get Happy!

Sometimes the blues sneak up on me.  Sometimes they’re painfully persistent. In either case, it’s helpful to have on hand–or online–some “get happy” ideas to try to help elevate my mood. Here are my wiser-self’s instructions to my depressed-self when my moodiness depletes my motivation:

-Get productive to get positive.
As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, a great way to stop being cranky is to conquer a small project. Whether it’s filing last month’s receipts or trimming the butterfly bush out front, accomplishing something feels great!

-Let music restore your mojo.
Find some upbeat music and dance up a storm. Drum out your weariness. Sing like a star. Let music move you into a better mood. (I highly recommend ABBA. Go Mamma Mia!!)

-Give nature a try.
Even if you can’t drive up into the mountains or out into the countryside, get outside. Lay on your back and look at the sky. Walk in the grass in your bare feet. Listen to the birds or the buzzing of insects. Stop and smell the roses, literally. Enjoy the sensual banquet that nature provides.

Link to something that will make you smile.
America’s Funniest Home Videos, Damn YouAutoCorrect!, The Onion, Saturday Night Live, etc.

Get out of bed to get out of your head.
Stand up, feel the carpet under your feet, do a yoga stretch, take a deep breath, get dressed, etc.

Pay attention to another person.
Smile, watch, listen, call, email, chat, etc. to show another person that you care.

Relax and read.
Fiction, information, biography, personal stories–what is calling you, today?

Eat foods that elevate mood.
Proteins first–such as nuts, salmon, tuna, or chicken; later–oatmeal or whole grain bread; don’t forget–bananas, spinach, and a little dark chocolate!

Practice “positivity” with personal affirmations.
Some possibilities: “I forgive myself. I forgive others. We’re learning as we go!”
“I’m beautiful. I’m powerful. I’m divine!”
“I’ve got friends in high places. They’re helping me in a gazillion ways, every day!”
“There’s a lot to like about me. I’ve come a long way, Baby!”
“I am creating beauty today–beautiful speech, beautiful kindness, beautiful moments, beautiful space.”
“I’m excited about this chapter in my story. No matter how the plot thickens, I’m committed and excited. Stay tuned as I thrive and help others feel alive! It’s history in the making!”
“There’s never been another me. I’m a modern miracle–empirically unrepeatable!”
“My positive efforts spread loving energy out and about in a domino effect of divine love.”
“I’m not stuck; there’s always a new possibility!”

-Close your eyes and visualize.
Imagine the worry, pain, or numbness disappearing–carried off on the wings of an eagle, ascending away in a thousand helium balloons, or being washed down the river as a note in a bottle. Let it go, and breathe!

-More ideas to come!

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