Power words

I’m thinking of blogging here more regularly–for the therapeutic benefit (working through the chaos in my brain via the writing process) and to chronicle my progress and musings during the time frame of receiving professional therapy.  Here goes.

6/7/11  Woke from a nap and felt the usual burden in my chest–the overwhelmingness of it all, the unending duties/potentials/worries that clamor for my attention.  I tried to be mindful (meta-mental) and simply notice the feeling rather than engage immediately in my default attempts to figure-it-all-out and prioritize-my-life-in-an-instant (mega-mentalling).  Gently giving my worry some checks and balances, I focused my thoughts on a few words that Dr. S* had emphasized in our last session:





The effect of slowly reciting these power words in my mind was noticeable.  Much of the burden I’d been feeling slipped away.  By emphasizing resilience, I felt less need to be in control.  I could get out of bed without having my life all figured out.  Thanks, Dr. S.

*I’ll keep the name confidential, since I’ve not asked his permission to use it.

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