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Sometimes working toward peace is a serious business; other times it's just a whole lot of fun. I created "Peace by Piece" as a storehouse for some of my thoughts. (Aren't you lucky to have found them?!) Enjoy!

Questions to Ponder 7, 8

7. Assume for a minute that your life’s purpose is to “do good”–what is your favorite way to “do good”? 8. If you knew you were to die in 3 days, what would be your priorities between now and then? … Continue reading

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Questions to Ponder 5, 6

Hello, again! 5.  What is your highest (even quixotic) vision of yourself? 6.   What lessons does the Holy Ghost have to keep re-teaching you?  (For example, if you go back and re-read your journal, do you see repeated themes … Continue reading

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Questions to Ponder 3, 4

Hi, friends– I enjoyed so much hearing your thoughtful responses to my first two questions.  Here are two more to ponder, with my musings following each: 3.  What are your natural, or God-given, gifts?  Have you been able to focus … Continue reading

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