Questions to Ponder 15, 16

15.  What would you do if you were a member of a musical band who, after several years of individual effort contributed toward the collaborated end product—an album of songs unsurpassed in beauty and musical ingenuity, found out that one of the band members had taken the album to his neck of the woods and started distributing copies without informing his fellow band members?

16.  What is your greatest concern?  Turning it around as a statement of your greatest desire, how would it read?

(My answers to these questions are on the comments page.)

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  1. shaunalei says:

    My Answer to Question 15:

    I would say to that band member, “Thank you for all your hard work. We’re safe—trust me . . . everything is going to be okay! There is no need to jump the gun.” I would remind him that the album would go platinum and we could then sell the rights to a new distributor; that distributor, however, would not tolerate him selling copies on the side, so it would be best if he stopped that practice. “And I forgive you.”

    My Answer to Question 16:
    My greatest concern is that I’m not loving and appreciating my children as much as they need. Turned around: My greatest desire is to love and appreciate my children, as much as they need.

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