On dropping labels

Felt today the inclination to drop labels. I’m not a woman. Not a wife. Not a mother. Not a friend. Not a sister. Not a daughter. Not a neighbor. Not a Utahan. Not a college grad. Not a creative genius. Not a seeker. Not a 52 year old. Not a traumatized person. Not a writer. Not queer. Not even Shaunalei. Rather, I’m noticing . . . I’m feeling inclined to . . . I’m sensing . . . I’m wondering . . . I’m considering . . . I’m enjoying . . . I’m resting. . . I’m writing . . . I’m experiencing . . . I’m here.

About admin

"Peace by Piece" seems a fitting title for the musings of my heart; it seems to typify the line-upon-line process of gaining wisdom and understanding and, ultimately, peace, which I truly enjoy. I am Shaunalei Boyer Andersen. Welcome! (To share your thoughts on recovering from Mormon perfectionism, please email me at: shaunalei@codepoet.org).
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