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"Peace by Piece" seems a fitting title for the musings of my heart; it seems to typify the line-upon-line process of gaining wisdom and understanding and, ultimately, peace, which I truly enjoy. I am Shaunalei Boyer Andersen. Welcome! (To share your thoughts on recovering from Mormon perfectionism, please email me at:

On our innate human interdependence

Wishing to highlight today the importance–the virtue–of receiving. Not only in times of obvious weakness and need but in the daily dance of mutuality, belonging, and shared resourcefulness that our innate human interdependence requires. Many of us were raised on … Continue reading

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Byron Katie’s “The Work” questions (customized into 30 steps by me)–sba, 3/16/21

(Recommended to me by Dr. Geri–Geraldine Alldredge, PhD.) Doing “The Work” via 30 Steps: (To confront thoughts such as “I’d better resign myself to the fact that I’m mentality ill–and my elevated thoughts are just delusional.”) 1. Come up with … Continue reading

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