My last 10 years, in a nutshell

2005 –
Control-freak, uber-Mormon mothering
Taking Erik (my hubby) for granted
Trailer trips with the kids and puppy (Erik always working)

2006 –
Marriage “reboot” and second honeymoon
Lots of sex! 😉
Exercising at gym together 5+ times a week

2007 –
Strong reaction to Erik losing his testimony
Limiting Erik’s parental voice
Hoping for a miracle = temple once a week

2008 –
Surviving as an Interfaith couple (2 denominations)
Religious discussions every Sunday!
Epiphanies and insights = broadening of my perspective

2009 –
Conviction of church’s importance gone
Desire to broaden members’ perspectives
Leaving the church but worrying (!) about people’s judgment

2010 –
Training for a marathon with Erik = best postmormonism “therapy”!
15th anniversary cruise to several bucket list places
Agreeing to be new lay leader at Utah Valley UU

2011 –
Wanting to know “who I REALLY am”!
Attempting to grow Utah Valley UU

2012 –
Chaplaincy training and painful group work
Growing a slightly “thicker skin” about people knowing I’ve left the church

2013 –
Existential angst!
Trying an antidepressant –> uncomfortable constipation 🙁
Low libido

2014 –
FEELING HAPPY!! (full dosage of anti-depressant)
Enjoying Erik! 🙂
Lots of volunteering and interfaith friends (SMOFA, UVRMC, UVUU, UVPM!)

2015 –
Regular diet of romance novels (and the dessert that follows reading them!) 😉
Emotional hurdles to pursuing a job/career
Cooking fancy meals and embracing the “art” of grocery shopping (escapism?!)

What an interesting exercise . . . to decide three in-a-nutshell themes for each of the last 10 years! (Is theme the right word? Definitely not highlights. More like consumers-of-my-thoughts-and-time . . . )

How would you summarize your past 10 years?

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