My Favorite Things

I was putting away dishes today and couldn’t help thinking as I stored the new lettuce spinner I got at Christmas (2013), “I love this thing!”  Well, that inspired me to think of other things I love . . . and to begin a blog page on which to share these “favorite things.”  (And by things, I mean literally, things–i.e. tangible objects).

Here goes (in stream of consciousness order):

* salad spinners

* electric pressure cookers

* hot water streaming down on me in the shower (tangible temporarily, then it’s all down the drain)

* fireplaces in master bedrooms

* hot tubs/whirlpools in hotels

* large mugs full of sweetened coffee or tea

* delicious mixed drinks, such as margaritas or white russians

* laptops and fast Internet connections (maybe not so tangible, the last)

* cute clothes with which to create wardrobe ensembles

* a piano to stand near and sing (with a talented musican playing, preferably)

* dry shampoo (the stuff saves me on days I don’t have time to wash my hair before leaving the house!)

* drawer organizers (especially for hair accessories)

* refrigerators and deep freezers (couldn’t live without them!)

* cars with no engine problems!

* pets to pet, especially cats and dogs (although some would prefer to call them “companions” rather than “things”)

* lovely stationery

* my husband’s strong arms around me in a loving embrace

* . . .

I have this on my main menu now and will add to it when I’m inspired again to reflect on the joy of some object(s).

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