What’s working #20: “Memento mori”

(latest addition to my What’s Working page)

In a nutshell, it is remembering that I will die (how soon, who knows?) and that who I am and what I’ve done in my life will be forgotten (probably sometime within the next 200 years).  What “works” about this morbid thought?  It frees me from the burden of feeling that I have SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO ACCOMPLISH, that I must work to figure out what it is, and that I will never be satisfied with myself until I accomplish that thing.  Memento mori (“Remember death” in Latin) gives me the perspective that I might as well enjoy myself during this one precious life, since my life is not going to matter to anyone else after it’s long gone.  (Ego frowns; Shaunalei breathes easy!)  (6/11/13)

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"Peace by Piece" is a storehouse for my exploratory journey of discovery and healing. Feel free to reach me at: shaunalei@codepoet.org.
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