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Questions to Ponder 17, 18

17.  What would be your absolute favorite way of making a living?  Why not practice this for fun (not necessarily for compensation) this summer? 18.  Do you ever lie?  Why do you? (My answers to these questions are on the … Continue reading

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Questions to Ponder 15, 16

15.  What would you do if you were a member of a musical band who, after several years of individual effort contributed toward the collaborated end product—an album of songs unsurpassed in beauty and musical ingenuity, found out that one … Continue reading

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Questions to Ponder 13, 14

13.  Why is God having you spend mortality behind a “veil of forgetfulness”?  What wonderful purpose is there to his reticence (quietness), in your opinion? 14.  Whom do you trust to teach you about God?   Why do you trust them? … Continue reading

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