Feeling pissed? Do P.I.S.T.

Feeling pissed (“angry, fed up”–per the Online Etymological Dictionary) is an opportunity to do P.I.S.T.: Pollyanna-Ish Self-Talk.

I repeat:  Feeling pissed?  Do P.I.S.T.

‘How does one do P.I.S.T?’ you ask yourself.  You do it by asking yourself,  ‘What can I be glad about in this situation?’  That is Pollyanna’s “Glad Game.”   (Never heard of it? It’s in the book that bears her name! A great read!)

Remember that life teaches us many things.  Find those things–make it a game!  I’m hoping to remember this form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, myself.  It’s kind of . . . catchy. 😉

Go ahead and get pissed, but then do PIST!

[Note: These terms just occurred to me as I was replying to my niece’s Facebook post warning against mixing soda pop and laptop use. My personal muse must be working overtime! Ha ha! :-)]

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