How to discuss religion respectfully with those of other faiths?

I’ve been thinking about creating a list called  “The ABCs of Religion.”  I’ve come up with the first three, which seem to me the “building blocks” of religious discussion:


Every religion holds some individual/individuals as “authorities” on God/God’s truth/God’s will.  Let people discuss whom they hold as their religious authorities, and why they view them as qualified to speak on God’s behalf.


Every religion has core doctrinal beliefs which adherents internalize and share with other congregants–a common faith and purpose.  Let people discuss their heart-felt beliefs–you’ll learn much about them, as well as their church/religion.


Every major religion teaches the “Golden Rule”–the need to treat others mercifully, respectfully.  Exercise charity as others explain their walk of faith, even if it is different from your own.

Sharing “things of the soul” can be a rewarding experience.  Let’s not shy away from religious discussion, so long as we can word things in terms of “I believe . . . ” and not “You’re wrong.”



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