Questions to Ponder 5, 6

Hello, again!

5.  What is your highest (even quixotic) vision of yourself?

6.   What lessons does the Holy Ghost have to keep re-teaching you?  (For example, if you go back and re-read your journal, do you see repeated themes of inspiration?)

(My answers to these questions are on the comments page.)

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  1. shaunalei says:

    My Answer to Question 5:
    I envision myself as a person of wisdom, patience, perspective, and joy. I see myself as a solutions person, meeting people’s real needs after listening, listening, listening. I see myself writing to share the insights I gain through “grace” experiences. I see myself serving, alongside my husband, in some charitable cause. I see myself effecting change.

    My Answer to Question 6:
    Put into practice the Peacemaker Pattern.
    It [life] is “all about” relationships.
    Play with the children.
    [My] happiness is to be found in my marriage.
    Get into nature daily.
    Read great books.
    Be productive, with Erik’s encouragement and help in focusing.
    Appreciate people.
    “Think to Thank”/ “Attitude of Gratitude”/ “It’s a Blessing if . . . ”
    Pray—speak the words within.

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