Be curious

My friend posted a Marcus Aurelius quote today on Facebook:

“If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance who is harmed.”

It’s such an interesting challenge–to not be offended by correction. I get that the ego clings to the idea of “self-rightness” as part of its identity. Maybe it’s for that reason that we often feel compelled to point out others’ “wrongness”–just to reinforce our own sense of “correctness” of thought/opinions/behavior.

In chaplaincy training, there is an emphasis on remaining “curious” and “open” to whatever people need to express/explore. To not judge or condemn–but to walk beside them as they make sense of who they are and what they are going through. Through a “ministry of presence,” we accompany people through their sadness and anger until they are able to tap into their inner resources of strength, healing, and meaning. That emphasis on curiosity could go a long way in our everyday lives as we respond to others’ attitudes and behaviors–including correction.

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My Favorite Things

I was putting away dishes today and couldn’t help thinking as I stored the new lettuce spinner I got at Christmas (2013), “I love this thing!”  Well, that inspired me to think of other things I love . . . and to begin a blog page on which to share these “favorite things.”  (And by things, I mean literally, things–i.e. tangible objects).

Here goes (in stream of consciousness order):

* salad spinners

* electric pressure cookers

* hot water streaming down on me in the shower (tangible temporarily, then it’s all down the drain)

* fireplaces in master bedrooms

* hot tubs/whirlpools in hotels

* large mugs full of sweetened coffee or tea

* delicious mixed drinks, such as margaritas or white russians

* laptops and fast Internet connections (maybe not so tangible, the last)

* cute clothes with which to create wardrobe ensembles

* a piano to stand near and sing (with a talented musican playing, preferably)

* dry shampoo (the stuff saves me on days I don’t have time to wash my hair before leaving the house!)

* drawer organizers (especially for hair accessories)

* refrigerators and deep freezers (couldn’t live without them!)

* cars with no engine problems!

* pets to pet, especially cats and dogs (although some would prefer to call them “companions” rather than “things”)

* lovely stationery

* my husband’s strong arms around me in a loving embrace

* . . .

I have this on my main menu now and will add to it when I’m inspired again to reflect on the joy of some object(s).

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What’s Working #21: “my antidepressant”

In a nutshell, the antidepressant I’ve been trying for months now, Wellbutrin, is helping.  A lot.  While it doesn’t completely free me from feelings of anxiety or stress, it does make emotional equilibrium the norm–which means when I do feel either of the former, the difference is noticeable enough to inspire me to action: mindfulness, talking it out, rest, etc.  I’m grateful I bit the bullet–confronted the stigma–and finally gave antidepressants a try.  It’s a beautiful thing to not be tormented with endless ruminating, overwhelm, worry, OR mania. And it’s wonderful to feel greater sexual interest, which Wellbutrin inspires.  Wahoo! 😉  (2/17/14)

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