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Sometimes working toward peace is a serious business; other times it's just a whole lot of fun. I created "Peace by Piece" as a storehouse for some of my thoughts. (Aren't you lucky to have found them?!) Enjoy!

Many ways to pray

Some of the children were gathered, whispering among themselves. “Peter’s mom . . . ” I heard one of them exclaim before his voice died down again to a low murmur. I had stopped by the classroom to update the … Continue reading

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I’m okay (at least today) with the fact that I’m not always okay

A few weeks ago I shared with my friend, Stacy, a new perspective I’d recently come to about myself and my life: I’m mentally ill and not going to be “fixed,” even with therapy. Ouch, right? No.  Surprisingly, the idea … Continue reading

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The Challenge

I learned recently that two of my acquaintances, a mother and daughter, have the misfortune of suffering from frequent insomnia. Mentioning this news to my children on our drive to school this morning, I added, “The next time you go … Continue reading

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