Feeding one’s mind

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This past year, I’ve tried to engage in a lot of self-care to try and keep me emotionally well: meditation, progressive relaxation, warm tea, yoga, plenty of sleep, etc.

When I came across this Dale Carnegie quote a while back, it really hit me. Realizing that the thoughts I consume when I am depressive often make me sicker (like junk food), I made a commitment to myself to aim for a diet of healthier thoughts. After spending 30 minutes or so brainstorming healthy mantras/affirmations I want to embrace and review often, I was pumped. Really a mood booster!

Healthy mantras for the mind:
* I feed myself encouraging thoughts for a healthy “mindstyle.”
* I acknowledge and enjoy the milestones, growth, insights, and glorious vistas my life journey has afforded me.
* I accept that there are hard times when I’m not certain where I’m going, nor feel that it’s worth it. While not fun, such feelings and thoughts are only temporary.
* I am patient with the process, knowing the journey IS the destination (i.e. enjoying the journey is the end goal).
* I balance introspection with interpersonal attention and collaboration.
* I forgive myself for having weaknesses.
* I tell others I love/enjoy/forgive/accept them.
* Everything I experience contributes to my growth and empathic potential, so long as I trust that all’s well, ultimately. (The universe will live on and on . . .)
* I can handle the truth. When I have a positive relationship with truth, my steps become intentional rather than blind.
* My life is rich with innumerable gifts and supports. When I have eyes to see them, I realize how abundant my existence is.

Here’s to feeding our minds healthy, empowering thoughts!

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