Is EMDR the answer to lasting peace?

I went to a new therapist earlier this summer to help me deal with one of the underlying causes (at least, I assumed it was an underlying cause) of my self-criticism and depression. I had recently heard of EMDR, so searched until I found a local practitioner of that therapeutic modality (method).

Powerful stuff.

As I understand it, the power behind EMDR is that it helps people access the emotions they’ve long hidden in their cells following a trauma–to experience those emotions and work through them–after which they can face the memory of the trauma without it causing them anxiety, panic, shame, etc. The memory no longer harms them!

If you haven’t heard of it, I recommend you research EMDR. I think everyone who is struggling with PTSD or other long-term depressive disorders should look into it.

The term EMDR (or E.M.D.R.) is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. The treatment modality involves a therapist gently encouraging you to hold a memory or fear (of your choice, decided beforehand in consultation with the therapist) in your thoughts as he/she trains your brain to use both hemispheres as you access those memories. Often, deeply guarded emotions will surface–which is a milestone, but not the end of the treatment. “As [EMDR] exercises continue, painful feelings are replaced with greater calm, peace, and resolution,” resulting in lasting relief from the anxiety and triggering formerly caused by the memory.

For some, the “training” involves having their eyes follow a moving object controlled by the therapist. For me, my “training” involved holding two vibrating apparati (one in each hand), which would alternate back and forth (first one would vibrate, then the other, repeat).

I’m grateful I was able to have 4 productive sessions with Marilyn Soto. Her practice, called Healing Haven Counseling, is located in Springville. (…/Healing+Haven+Coun…)

Please spread the word. I’m convinced that many, many would benefit from EMDR .

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