A better focus

Too many perfectionists (myself included) take their mental and emotional health too seriously.  Unfortunately–at least in this case–focusing our undivided attention on something tends to magnify and increase it, whether it is beneficial to us or not.

I wonder if we perfectionists could “give it a rest” (the mental/emotional stewing over what isn’t working in our lives) by turning our focus to:

– Fueling our bodies well,

– Getting out and doing exercise that we love,

– Making real (not mental) living a practicum of peace (see upcoming blog), and

– Obeying our bodies’ cues for rest

It’s important for us to practice what we want to learn and live.  We should live peace rather than puzzling over the preventors of our peace.  (Are you listening, Shaunalei?!)

About Shaunalei

"Peace by Piece" is a storehouse for my exploratory journey of discovery and healing. Feel free to reach me at: shaunalei@codepoet.org.
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